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microVection has a variety of analytic capabilities, largely focused on evaluating the performance of convective cooling systems. Our philosophy is to provide economy to our customers by using the most appropriate tool - exact solutions, empirical correlations, or numerical analysis - for the problem at hand. Our most significant capabilties lie in the following areas:

  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)
  • Heat Transfer
  • Multiphysics
  • Solid Modeling

microVection uses finite element tools to treat fluid flow and heat transfer problems. CADalyzer (ESI Software) is the company's computational fluid dynamics (CFD) tool, and is used to analyze flows and conjugate heat transfer problems. We've used CADalyzer extensively to examine flows in microchannels, complex ducts, and porous materials. The image below shows the results of a conjugate heat transfer anlaysis of a microchannel cooler design.

TAS/Solaris (Harley Thermal), a generalized 3D conduction solver, is used for problems where flow fields are well understood and can be modeled as boundary conditions for a conduction solution. The conduction solutions can be obtained with much less effort than the CFD solutions, and so are a preferred approach - particularly for parametric studies.

microVection has also added multiphysics simulations to its capabilities, starting with the analysis of thermoelectric devices. These devices require simultaneous solutions of both the voltage and temperature fields within the various materials used in the construction. The figure below shows typical predictions of the electrical and temperature fields in conventional thermoelectric devices. These interdependent fields are calculated simultaneously using a code such as COMSOL or FlexPDE.

The figure below shows a similar multiphysics task, this time with electrical, thermal and fluid solutions conducted simultaneously.