Recent News
Persimmon Technologies awards contract for thermal performance analysis of an electronics assembly robot in a vacuum environment [2/2018]
Geoff Campbell awarded patent "Thermoelectric Coolers With Asymmetric Conductance" US 9869494 [1/2018]
NASA awards contract for ultra-compact heat exchanger development: "Ultra-Lightweight Compact Heat Exchangers for Aerospace Applications" [6/2017]
NASA awards contract for advanced thermoelectric cooler designs: "Asymmetric Conductance Thermoelectric Cooling Modules for Cryogenic Applications" [6/2017]
Geoff Campbell awarded patent "Thermoelectric Coolers With Asymmetric Conductance" US 9506675 [11/2016]
Geoff Campbell awarded patent "Metallic Thin-Film Bonding and Alloy Generation" US 9383143 [7/2016]
Tactical Lighting awards contract to evaluate thermal response of military runway lights [5/2016]
Geoff Campbell publishes "Advanced Cooling Designs for GaN-on-Diamond MMICs" InterPACKICNMM2015-48429 [6/2015]
TransEtch Manufacturing awards contract to model laser effects on semiconductor wafers [6/2015]
Heraeus awards contract to evaluate flow distribution in microchannel cooling system for LED curing device [1/2015]
Dave Underwood publishes "Optimization of Micro-Textured Surfaces for Turbine Vane Impingement Cooling," ASME Turbo Expo 2013, GT2013-94727 [6/2013]
Patent "Microchannel Cooling Device for Small Heat Sources" US 7836940 B2 awarded [11/2010]
Geoff Campbell receives part-time appointment to research staff in the Dept. of Mechanical & Materials Eng. of the University of Denver [5/15/10]
Lightstream Photonics awards contract to design microchannel cooling system for LED curing device [4/15/10]
MC2 awards contract to design EbPr regenerator for cryogenic cooler [3/15/10]
MC2 awards contract to design a microplate heat exchanger for a cryogenic cooler [11/01/09]
SRL awards contract to design advanced microchannel coolers with thermal resistances below 20 mK-cm^2/W [1/1/09]
BAE awards consulting contract to design cold plates, condensers, refrigeration loops, and heat exchangers for military ground vehicles [6/01/08]
Frontline Aerospace awards contract to design ultracompact recuperator for helicopters [3/01/08]

MC2 awards contract to design a microchannel condenser [11/7/07]

MC2 awards contract to conduct CFD studies for a cryogenic regenerator with microperforated plates [6/1/06]
nLight awards two contracts to enhance and optimize microchannel cooler designs. [4/05/05]
General Atomics Photonics Division awards a contract to study direct cooling the crystals of diode-pumped solid state lasers. [8/01/04]